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Let me introduce myself. I’m Hayley! The owner, director, creator, photographer of Hayley K Photography. I officially started my business in 2017, in which I was shooting for many years before.

I am passionate about my business as I just love photos. But more importantly, the passion that drives me is emotion. It’s hard to describe it, but I love absolutely everything when it comes to creating or displaying emotions that photography allows. Whether this emotion is created by the client knowingly or unknowingly, or if it’s the emotions upon reaction to viewing my work. I am driven by these emotions, as they solely prove to me that my work is unique to everyone. Emotions are not objective, therefore whoever views my work, reads it a different way to the next. I love allowing this freedom of the wandering mind.

Every part of my business is different. Weddings especially! They are the heart and soul. I get to capture raw beauty and love that you don’t get from anything else. The way the couple’s eyes sparkle when they look at each other. The way they laugh or hold each other, or whisper to each other. This is the real emotion.

Another form of my business is my style. It is the way I create the emotion for you. I can see light and shadows, moments, characteristics of a client and turn this into an emotive image. I love being able to show the client the amazing aspects of someone. The client’s reactions to my work are what I strive for. I strive to be able to be the reason someone will have a photo to treasure forever.

My work is more than a business. It is a passion that is constantly burning. I will forever love what I do.

Australian Photographer of the year 2017!

The body is unique, personal, and in every sense our own. Although, some cultures and some countries do not see it like this. Some believe that they have the power, and the right, to change, manipulate or make someone else’s body, and sense of self, transform to suit them, to make it the way they want. This series “Exposed”, is one of which portrays the idea of body in its simplest form, black and white for no distractions, assumptions, or judgement. It is through art that this is questioned; how we judge before knowing, how we assume before learning.

I was very proud to have this series awarded such a high achievement, as it really displays what I work for. I work in order to make a change through emotion. This emotion being that of self awareness and recognition in the fact that there are still so many people out there changing for people who don’t deserve it. We all have the right to change on our own terms.


Awarded by Australian National photography competitions, or that of the like. Awarding the technicalities and image rarity as seen in the photographs. Those in which they have never experienced before.

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Highly Commended



Highly Commended



Highly Commended





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Photographer of the year 6th Place