Hayley K Photography was established in 2017 as a photography business by Hayley Kotzur. During this time it has expanded from solely photography, to graphic design, and videography also. It is a passion that is forever growing.

It is a non specialised business, from Weddings, functions, productions, to headshots, family, fashion, fitness and more.
With a Degree in Photography, Hayley is well suited for any personal, business and corporal work.
Whilst it is often about the qualification, it is also more important to capture, and display the memories, emotion and beauty. There is something amazing in capturing raw emotion in a person.

Now and in the future to come, it will be Hayleyโ€™s passion to allow clients to not just have an experience with any design, but allow this design to make memories, show memories and emotion to everyone.


Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650