Aiyana & Ryan Elopement

Private Beechworth Elopement on a Winters Day

On the 14th of June 2021, something amazing happened.

My best friend married the love of her life.

And something even more special to me, was that I was chosen to be one of the two witnesses as they eloped on this beautiful Winters Day.

Aiyana and Ryan decided long ago that the traditional wedding was not for them. It was not until Covid caused so much chaos that they both agreed to elope together privately, with just three witnesses, and of course their special little boy, Levi.

The day was stunning and warm. Stormy, but the rain held off perfectly. We headed to makeup first, and quite honestly at this stage, it did not feel anything like a Wedding, but rather a day trip with my bestie. As a classic Bride does, however, we were already falling behind schedule.

There were no cheese platters, champagne popping, or Bridal party dressing gowns, because this day was not about making the day something special for other people. But rather a day made memorable for what was about to happen. Aiyana did not want, nor need any over the top festivities.

We got Aiyana dressed, in her beautiful gown, along with her stunning hair, makeup and jewellery. And whilst the anticipation for the Grooms first look is always amazing, it was Levi that stole this moment. The way their one-year-old son first saw his mum standing there looking gorgeous, he stopped dead in his tracks. He beelined so quickly to be picked up once he bounced back to reality. His embrace with her was something else entirely.

The Ceremony

was a cute backyard ceremony at a local celebrant’s house. A secret garden, perfect for a secret elopement. It was beyond beautiful seeing Aiyana and Ryan begin their married journey here. The way the sun came through the trees to shine on them, says a lot about their future together.

They had an early night, with each other and their son, knowing that they would then keep this day a sweet secret for the next five and a half months. Where they would then come to surprise everyone close to them on their engagement day about the news.

It was such an emotional and magical time: one to remember for a lifetime.

I cannot thank you enough

I owe you the world

I was thinking that this virus (Covid 19) had ruined everything and you took these perfect photos to last us forever and we just forget about all this crap going on! To say I’m happy is an understatement!! I can’t even express how over the moon I am with your talents.