Albury engagement

Nat & Stephen

A little fun in the chilly winter weather.

Sweet and fun Albury Engagement session

Nat & Stephen. What can I say? My love for engagement sessions grows larger every time I shoot one. They were quite nervous to start, as is every single client who is doing their first shoot (to be expected! Even I get nervous getting photos taken). But they very quickly realized that you can actually make a lot of fun out of it. From spins, jumps, throws, we did it all— and my gosh, it was amazing. I love being allowed to experiment and move freely within our shoots. You can achieve so many emotions when you are only concerned with each other and having fun, as opposed to trying to ‘impress’ the camera.

You are there to capture the two of you as a couple. Why change because there is a camera pointing at you? I love capturing the fun and real!