Sports || Dance || Fitness Photography

Capturing the moments, perfection and imperfections sports offers

Sports certainly hold a close place in my heart. I grew up with many sports, but gymnastics being my specialty, so I know the ins and outs of many sport.

I love sport photography and documenting it, as I knew that as a gymnasts photos were great for memories sake not only to look back on for progress, but also to give an insight to many athletes of how they look doing a certain skill etc. This type of photography becomes very important for progression and understanding. In the long run the images become so important and emotionally attaching to the athlete themselves, as most the time there is a lot of hard work and hours put in to this, and these photos often are a dedication to that.

Studio lit fitness photography

There are many types of sport photography. Those including fitness, progression/ before and afters, studio lit, formal, headshots, the list goes on.

One that I absolutely love is the studio lit style.

This is primarily aimed in sport that can allow studio lighting, or as headshots. Often with this style of shooting, comes fine art edits. It is a more thoroughly thought out style of shoot, and is less rushed. These types of photoshoots can be organised and booked as hourly, half day, or full day packages. Overall, great for dance, pole dancers, gymnasts, ballet and fitness advertising.

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